Why the Bee?

The EAH Bee

Embarking on the great adventure of creating Earthen Artisan House, Erica Buelow was continuously reminded of the endless effort required to make her dream a reality.  Nothing came easy or without persistent determination and nothing symbolized this quiet tenacity greater than the glorious bee.

Throughout years of culture, the bee has become and remained a figure of hope, encompassing an inspiring message of community, diligence, organization, and tireless work.  The bee is a representation of the potency and conservation of nature.  Able to create a magical elixir, known for its preservation properties, they pollinate flowers while increasing plant fertility and abundance. Without bees, many species of flowers would die, thus under their industrious wings bees are recognized as the angles of agriculture.

Early beliefs claimed bees were heaven-sent.  Because of their ability to find their way home over great distances, the bee came to represent the soul.  Killing a bee was even believed to bring bad luck. In Ireland, honey-wine was thought to be the drink of immortality, and consequently bees were protected by law.

Humanity has always had a close relationship with bees, whose honey has been a food staple since before the dawn of civilization. In fact, beekeeping is one of the earliest markers of civilized society.  Bees delivered many of the necessities of advancement, providing not only food, but wax for metalworking, cosmetics, and medicines, as well as the ever-important pollination of fruit trees and other food crops. All bees serve a purpose.  Each plays a vital role and could not exist without the other, nor could we exist without them.

The bee is an illustration of accomplishing the impossible.  It was thought, aerodynamically,  its body was too large for its wings and should not be able to fly.  Although we now understand how it does fly, through high rate of wing movement, the bee remains a symbol of achieving anything you put your mind to.  Considering the large and positive impact bees make on the world, it stands to reason that no matter how small the person and big the idea or dream, with hard work and determination, they can change the world.

At Earthen Artisan House we are doing just that.  While setting the Bee at the forefront of our name and image we are reminded to protect the simple, pure, and even seemingly small things in life.  Never giving up, we strive to bring support for the small business back to our community and ultimately the world.  When you come together as a community, just as bees do, your one small act becomes the purpose of many.

Save the bee, protect the hive; support small business, cultivate community.