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The Stories We Tell – 11.6.2013

Welcome to Earthen Artisan House! We believe in quality. We believe in eclectic and unique design. We believe in handmade and shopping local. We are 80% American-made products, and we believe in supporting our gifted artisans. We believe in organic, earthen, and created with love. We believe in preserving the stories and artifacts of our ancestor’s, and we believe that what was once good is still good.

Here, we believe in storytelling. Everything has a story. Every product in Earthen Artisan House is carefully selected and only the items of the highest quality and created with the greatest integrity make it to our store. We desire to share with you the story of each product we so carefully choose for you to bring into your home.

For example, our signature bee mugs are hand thrown and hand painted with the EAH logo by a local Colorado Springs artisan; each one is different and entirely unique. The beautiful cow hides come from Brazil, where, during their lifetime, are only grass fed, are allowed to roam freely, and given no growth hormones or antibiotics, resulting in the most luxuriously soft and high quality hides you could select for your home. The granite serving slabs are created by a husband and wife in nearby Salida, Colorado, who keep true to their zero waste policy. A use is found for every shape and size of the approximately 20 tons of recycled granite they re-purpose each year.


Earthen Artisan House is on a journey to captivate you and help you nuture your own personal unique. We want to help you fill your home with beauty and to provide you the perfect story when your guest says “tell me about that amazing piece!”

Everything has a story waiting to be told, and we intend to share them with you. What are you interested in learning about? Earthen Artisan House will be telling new stories each week – about Old Colorado City, about this gorgeous brick building, about who we are and why we do what we do. We’ll highlight an Antique of the Week and give insiders’ tips on decorating, gift wrapping, design of each new coming season, and so much more.

Join us, if you will. We’re happy to share our stories with you.