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Antique of the Week, Vintage Trunk – 11.13.13

Our stories all begin long before we are born. Similarly, Earthen Artisan House was built on a dream that began long before we first opened our doors. As we continue the journey, we share stories of our current and upcoming artisans, of local and American made products, of items beautifully crafted for your homes, and finally, of antiques and vintage goods used years earlier during a much simpler time. Twice monthly we will feature an Antique of the Week – telling you the stories of a small wooden sleigh, of well-loved tools, of vintage hats and soda bottles, to name just a few.


As beautiful pieces of history, the stories behind these items are often priceless. Take this unique vintage trunk. Did you know that it was originally created as an actual trunk for the back of a late 1920s, early 1930s motor car? Imagine what it once held – a toolbox for a trip to the farm; stylish dresses and beautiful hats for a weekend away to the city; a blanket and picnic basket for a Sunday afternoon lunch date with a beloved. These types of items bring us back to a time of the tangible; when hand written letters were customary and a photograph was much more than a fleeting image on a smartphone screen. A time when simply riding in a vehicle was a luxury.

By the late 1920s, cars were a status symbol for the rich and famous. The most desirable and premier automobile was the Duesenberg, pictured below. The phrase “It’s a doozy!” – which applies to something excellent and unique of its kind – was even coined in reference to the Duesenberg! Reaching unprecedented speeds with the most reliable engine made, these cars and the trunks they carried were incredibly well made and beautifully crafted.

cropped deusenburg

This fun piece of history would be perfect as a child’s toy chest, as an end table next to your sofa, or as storage for your favorite quilts and throws. It’s fun to imagine where it came from, and to think about the people whose story it was a part of. How would you make this piece a part of your own story?