Meet Owner & Designer, Erica Buelow

Erica BuelowInherently, even as a young girl re-arranging her room, Erica Buelow had a strong notion of what she wanted to be when she grew up. After years of hard work and determination she feels blessed to have embarked on her greatest journey. Earthen Artisan House carries many meanings for Buelow and she won’t ever forget what brought her here.

Growing up in Florida and then moving to Tennessee in 1993 to attend college, Buelow supported herself by working with artists and designers in galleries and art supply stores in Chattanooga. After a few short years, she was noticed by Marsha Yessick, a well-renowned Interior Designer in Chattanooga and the Southeast, and began working for her in February 1996. Buelow rapidly went from her humble beginnings answering phones as an administrator, to working the showroom floor, and then being invited to join the established designers on jobs. This is when her passion for the accessorizing side of design was realized. The final touches and minute details that set her jobs apart became a hot commodity. Daily requests to attend installations and pull merchandise for projects progressed into a position of Lead Accessory Designer.

During this time Buelow earned her undergraduate degree in Human Ecology with an emphasis in Interior Design at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She then began to establish her own residential client base, working independently on full interior design projects while maintaining her position as Lead Accessory Designer. Buelow says of looking back at the many opportunities and positions held in the interior design industry, “My experience at Yessick’s most shaped my values. I try to approach each design project and life in general with passion, regard to detail, a strong work ethic, and integrity.” With entrepreneurial aspirations Buelow pressed on to obtain her MBA in Business Management, while gaining insight and experience in corporate and small business, financial structures, and marketing.

Along with her formal education, Buelow has been working in the Interior Design, Art, and Home Furnishings industry for 22 years.  The knowledge gained every step of her journey has been the ladder to her dream of owning and operating her own retail and interior design business. The challenges ahead may be plentiful but are looked at through eyes of enthusiasm and a heart of determination.