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Custom Furniture & Design Services – 1.16.2014

Everything comes with a surprise or two, and we think that is what makes life exciting! There is often much more than what first meets the eye. Story-tellers we are, we like to dig a little deeper, ask more questions, and look at all the details to find the “something” that we don’t initially see. The two big “somethings” we find people are surprised to learn about Earthen Artisan House is that we sell custom made furniture and offer Interior Design Services!

When you first walk into the store, it’s easy to become enamored by all the beautiful little things; the small home décor, bath oils and soaps, gourmet foods, down pillows, handmade scares and mittens, and more are spread throughout the store and often the bulk of what our customer sees.

Underneath all that, we also have beautiful, custom made in America furniture. An elegant ebony bed, sophisticated chairs and rustic tables are just a few of the many pieces we have to take home with you. If you’re looking for something different than what you see in the store, with countless catalogs and resources, the designers at Earthen Artisan House are able to work with you to create the perfect custom furniture piece for your home.

Our designers are also available to assist you with everything from paint colors to full home design. Whether you’d like a fresh set of eyes to recommend new flooring and hardware or would like someone to come in and give your home an entirely new look, we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us; give us a call or send an email! We’d be thrilled to help you find your ideal home style and nurture your unique.