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Christmas Decor through the Years – 12.18.13

Earthen Artisan House believes all things Christmas. We believe in winter wonderlands, in snowflakes, in beautifully lit trees. Christmas is a time to tell it on the mountain, to sing halleluiah, to jingle those bells, and to deck the halls.

The Christmas season has long been a time for special decorations. Nativity scenes date back to early 10th century Rome. In the 15th century, it was tradition that every home and parish in London be strung with holly and ivy. The modern day Christmas tree became widely popular by the 18th century, with homes from Germany to Britain to the United States all having one.

History lesson aside, Christmas is a time of unity and miracles. Christmas brings families and strangers alike together, and what once seemed impossible is suddenly shining right in front of us. While the Christmas customs have adapted and grown as the world has changed, much remains the same. We sing carols and string our trees with lights and garlands. We hang angels and words that remind us of our favorite Christmas tune or hymn. We place wreaths on our doors and candles in the windows. Just as these many traditions began, we do all these things to celebrate the birth of Jesus and to invite his love into our homes and hearts.

No matter who you are or what you believe, the spirit of Christmas is difficult to ignore. This is a very wonderful and special time of year. Whether you decorate with white and silver or the traditional red, green, and gold; whether you have one tree or 5 trees or no tree; whether you choose to celebrate the joy of Christmas with the soft glow of candles or bright LEDs set to the tune of Carol of the Bells, may this Christmas be merry and filled to the brim with sparkle and gleam, both in your home and on your heart.