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The Good Word Project – 2.14.2014

It is important to us at Earthen Artisan House to support the incredible talents that live right here in Colorado. We carry a number of products by different local artisans, many of them are among our most popular and must-have sales! The ceramic bee mugs we serve you your coffee and tea in, the granite slabs, all of our jewelry, the Mountain Mittens and many of the scarves; the list goes on and on.

We introduced you to Thomas Earing, a local chainsaw carver, in November, and this month we are honored to tell you about one of the newest local artists to grace our store with her impressive and beautiful talents. Jean Lamborn is the creative behind The Good Word Project. Her art mixes beautifully colored letters, an incredible use of both positive and negative space, and God’s word. Each piece (from color combinations to letter placements) is carefully considered and the result is beautiful and encouraging. The Good Word Project prints currently come in several sizes; unframed 5×7 and framed 12×12, 9×12, & 12×15. They are a beautiful and affordable addition to anyone’s personal art collection.

We are consistently in awe of the talent that is all around us, and we are humbled to be able to be a home for those artisans to display and share their works with the community. Local and handmade gifts make the best gifts, whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, “just because”, or just for yourself. Our desire is to share the talents of these artists with you, our invaluable customers, and for you to in turn share them with your loved ones. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Custom Furniture & Design Services – 1.16.2014

Everything comes with a surprise or two, and we think that is what makes life exciting! There is often much more than what first meets the eye. Story-tellers we are, we like to dig a little deeper, ask more questions, and look at all the details to find the “something” that we don’t initially see. The two big “somethings” we find people are surprised to learn about Earthen Artisan House is that we sell custom made furniture and offer Interior Design Services!

When you first walk into the store, it’s easy to become enamored by all the beautiful little things; the small home décor, bath oils and soaps, gourmet foods, down pillows, handmade scares and mittens, and more are spread throughout the store and often the bulk of what our customer sees.

Underneath all that, we also have beautiful, custom made in America furniture. An elegant ebony bed, sophisticated chairs and rustic tables are just a few of the many pieces we have to take home with you. If you’re looking for something different than what you see in the store, with countless catalogs and resources, the designers at Earthen Artisan House are able to work with you to create the perfect custom furniture piece for your home.

Our designers are also available to assist you with everything from paint colors to full home design. Whether you’d like a fresh set of eyes to recommend new flooring and hardware or would like someone to come in and give your home an entirely new look, we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us; give us a call or send an email! We’d be thrilled to help you find your ideal home style and nurture your unique.


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Antique of the Week, Cog & Wheel – 1.8.2014

Happy 2014!! With each new year, it’s only natural to reflect on the past as we look forward to the future. We all tend to reminisce on all the memorable moments and smile at how far we’ve come in 12 short (or long, depending on how you look at it) months. We look at the year’s resolutions and laugh at the ones we didn’t stick with and always vow to be better the next year. Sometimes, we too, sing praises for a chance to start again and to bid the past year goodbye. We look ahead to new days and think back to the ones that got us here.

We are beyond grateful for a blessed 2013. We are thankful for each day, each victory and each challenge. We are thankful for another year to continue growing and to continue learning about the past and moving forward into the future.

Looking into things of the past, one of our favorite and more often commented on antiques in the store is the cog and wheel from the Pikes Peak Cog Railway. Did you know that the Pikes Peak Cog Railway is the highest in the world? The railway officially began operating and taking groups of tourists (the first being a Denver church choir) to the top of the summit on June 30th, 1891. In the 1930s we were introduced to gas and diesel powered locomotives, during which time six more railcars were added to the fleet, which were widely used until the early 1960s, when the modern train used now, the Swiss Train, was presented. Adding over ten more railcars over the years, the trains have accommodated the increase in tourism. What before could be a tour for only 50 people, was now able to carry up to 200!

We think the cog and wheel could make for a fun end table, but maybe you have a different idea in mind? Nonetheless, we think this is one part of the past that belongs in the here and now. It’s these special pieces of history that make for great story-telling. In this new year, may you have countless blessings and many good stories.


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Christmas Decor through the Years – 12.18.13

Earthen Artisan House believes all things Christmas. We believe in winter wonderlands, in snowflakes, in beautifully lit trees. Christmas is a time to tell it on the mountain, to sing halleluiah, to jingle those bells, and to deck the halls.

The Christmas season has long been a time for special decorations. Nativity scenes date back to early 10th century Rome. In the 15th century, it was tradition that every home and parish in London be strung with holly and ivy. The modern day Christmas tree became widely popular by the 18th century, with homes from Germany to Britain to the United States all having one.

History lesson aside, Christmas is a time of unity and miracles. Christmas brings families and strangers alike together, and what once seemed impossible is suddenly shining right in front of us. While the Christmas customs have adapted and grown as the world has changed, much remains the same. We sing carols and string our trees with lights and garlands. We hang angels and words that remind us of our favorite Christmas tune or hymn. We place wreaths on our doors and candles in the windows. Just as these many traditions began, we do all these things to celebrate the birth of Jesus and to invite his love into our homes and hearts.

No matter who you are or what you believe, the spirit of Christmas is difficult to ignore. This is a very wonderful and special time of year. Whether you decorate with white and silver or the traditional red, green, and gold; whether you have one tree or 5 trees or no tree; whether you choose to celebrate the joy of Christmas with the soft glow of candles or bright LEDs set to the tune of Carol of the Bells, may this Christmas be merry and filled to the brim with sparkle and gleam, both in your home and on your heart.


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An Earthen Approach to Gift Wrapping – 12.11.2013

Amidst all the baking, decorating, party planning, caroling, and gift purchasing, for many the icing on the cake is carefully wrapping those gifts, adding beautiful ribbons and bows, and placing them lovingly under the tree for loved ones to excitedly open on Christmas morning. For others, wrapping the gifts is the last thing on the list and they often get thrown whatever gift bags are left over from last year. If you fall into the latter category, this post is for you!

The tradition of wrapping a gift initially began in early China, where paper making began. However, the art of paper making was a well kept secret, and widespread gift wrapping didn’t flourish until the early 19th century. Even then, it was considered an art for the riches; the lower and middle classes did not participate. By the 1920s, however, gift wrapping was made popular in the United States when Hallmark accidentally created the durable, yet easily folded wrapping paper we know today. Tissue paper was used early on, but it was flimsy and often tore before the gift was even given. During the Christmas season of 1917, Hallmark ran out of tissue paper and began selling envelope liners for wrapping use. The plan was a success and began the production of the wrapping paper we use now!

There are so may different ways to wrap a gift; the styles of wrapping paper alone are endless! At EAH, our favorite gift wrapping style is elegant yet earthen. We love the look of natural embellishments such as pinecones and branches of fir mixed with kraft paper and twine. We love natural, subdued colors and mixing different textures. We just love a beautifully wrapped package!

Here are a few of our favorite gift wrapping looks this season.  To see even more, take a look at our gift wrapping Pinterest board! 🙂

IMG_2036 IMG_2032 IMG_2030 IMG_2015 IMG_2022 IMG_2007 IMG_2010

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Thanksgiving and Thomas Earing – 11.27.13

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! But first, let us take a day to reflect and give thanks for the many blessings bestowed to each of us. Earthen Artisan House will be closed on Thanksgiving Day to do just that, celebrate and spend time with our families. We will be back with our doors open and plenty of tasty beverages and treats to celebrate Black Friday and Small Business Saturday! We’d like to encourage you to shop local this holiday season and support the many small businesses that America is built on. With many shops and restaurants, all locally owned and run, Old Colorado City is a great place to spend the afternoon and find unique gifts for everyone on your list this year!

During this week of gratitude Earthen Artisan House is continually thankful for endless blessings. We are grateful for all that took place for EAH to go from dream to reality, the beautiful state of Colorado and its endless colors and experiences, each of our many friends and family, the timeless brick walls that keep us warm, delicious foods for our bellies, our fabulous customers and supporters, and our incredibly talented artisans.

Speaking of talented artisans – Thomas Earing is one of many who graces EAH with his incredible talents. If you’ve visited us before, you’ve no doubt seen a piece or two of his. Working in wood and stone, Earing creates impressive carvings with just a chainsaw. His work is incredible. EAH showcases carvings of small pine trees, various forest animals, a large imitation of Earing’s own dog, and more.

This Sunday, December 1st, Earing will be joining EAH in our courtyard with his chainsaw, demonstrating how he transforms a basic log into a beautiful piece of art. You won’t want to miss this! He will begin carving at noon and will work until 5pm.


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Antique of the Week, Vintage Trunk – 11.13.13

Our stories all begin long before we are born. Similarly, Earthen Artisan House was built on a dream that began long before we first opened our doors. As we continue the journey, we share stories of our current and upcoming artisans, of local and American made products, of items beautifully crafted for your homes, and finally, of antiques and vintage goods used years earlier during a much simpler time. Twice monthly we will feature an Antique of the Week – telling you the stories of a small wooden sleigh, of well-loved tools, of vintage hats and soda bottles, to name just a few.


As beautiful pieces of history, the stories behind these items are often priceless. Take this unique vintage trunk. Did you know that it was originally created as an actual trunk for the back of a late 1920s, early 1930s motor car? Imagine what it once held – a toolbox for a trip to the farm; stylish dresses and beautiful hats for a weekend away to the city; a blanket and picnic basket for a Sunday afternoon lunch date with a beloved. These types of items bring us back to a time of the tangible; when hand written letters were customary and a photograph was much more than a fleeting image on a smartphone screen. A time when simply riding in a vehicle was a luxury.

By the late 1920s, cars were a status symbol for the rich and famous. The most desirable and premier automobile was the Duesenberg, pictured below. The phrase “It’s a doozy!” – which applies to something excellent and unique of its kind – was even coined in reference to the Duesenberg! Reaching unprecedented speeds with the most reliable engine made, these cars and the trunks they carried were incredibly well made and beautifully crafted.

cropped deusenburg

This fun piece of history would be perfect as a child’s toy chest, as an end table next to your sofa, or as storage for your favorite quilts and throws. It’s fun to imagine where it came from, and to think about the people whose story it was a part of. How would you make this piece a part of your own story?

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The Stories We Tell – 11.6.2013

Welcome to Earthen Artisan House! We believe in quality. We believe in eclectic and unique design. We believe in handmade and shopping local. We are 80% American-made products, and we believe in supporting our gifted artisans. We believe in organic, earthen, and created with love. We believe in preserving the stories and artifacts of our ancestor’s, and we believe that what was once good is still good.

Here, we believe in storytelling. Everything has a story. Every product in Earthen Artisan House is carefully selected and only the items of the highest quality and created with the greatest integrity make it to our store. We desire to share with you the story of each product we so carefully choose for you to bring into your home.

For example, our signature bee mugs are hand thrown and hand painted with the EAH logo by a local Colorado Springs artisan; each one is different and entirely unique. The beautiful cow hides come from Brazil, where, during their lifetime, are only grass fed, are allowed to roam freely, and given no growth hormones or antibiotics, resulting in the most luxuriously soft and high quality hides you could select for your home. The granite serving slabs are created by a husband and wife in nearby Salida, Colorado, who keep true to their zero waste policy. A use is found for every shape and size of the approximately 20 tons of recycled granite they re-purpose each year.


Earthen Artisan House is on a journey to captivate you and help you nuture your own personal unique. We want to help you fill your home with beauty and to provide you the perfect story when your guest says “tell me about that amazing piece!”

Everything has a story waiting to be told, and we intend to share them with you. What are you interested in learning about? Earthen Artisan House will be telling new stories each week – about Old Colorado City, about this gorgeous brick building, about who we are and why we do what we do. We’ll highlight an Antique of the Week and give insiders’ tips on decorating, gift wrapping, design of each new coming season, and so much more.

Join us, if you will. We’re happy to share our stories with you.