Artisans We Have Supported


Having recently moved to Colorado Springs, ceramic artist Cindy Weaver has enjoyed a reputation as a respected ceramic artist and teacher in North Carolina, the second largest producer of handmade pottery in the world. An artist her entire life, Ms. Weaver studied ceramics under North Carolina Living Treasure Hiroshi Sueyoshi, ceramic artist Dina Wilde-Ramsing and others. Evolving into her own as an porcelain and clay artist, she has won both exhibition awards and art grants. Her work can be found internationally in corporate and private collections. Ms. Weaver has taught traditional pottery classesfor the Wilmington Art Museum as well as privately in her studio.

Ms. Weaver draws her own inspiration from the forms, textures and colors she finds in natural materials. Although she is best known for her porcelain work, Ms. Weaver works in a variety of clay bodies and finishes, and is excited about working with native Colorado clay bodies as she evolves her work to reflect her new western home.



Hand knitted cotton, silk, and wool scarves.  Carol also creates beautifully hand knitted cotton wash clothes.



Nadine Sage infuses the past with the present by applying the art form papier collé. Encouraging a renewed appreciation for the master illustrators of the past, she integrates 18th and 19th century bird, animal, insect, sea life and botanical imagery with decorative components and oil pastels. Nadine’s compositions are created using a polymer and heating technique, giving collage a whole new life.


Debby Olsen loves creating beautiful pieces of jewelry. Learning new skills and buying supplies from many local artists, she understands the importance of supporting local economy. She took her first jewelry class at a senior center when she was in her early thirties, later moving on to the Bemis School of Art.

Olsen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a Master’s in Business. She finds it calming to come home and create something beautiful after a stressful day at work.  Preferring to work with natural stones, Olsen says of trying new things, “I don’t think my quest for learning will ever stop – there are so many mediums in jewelry.” She also has fun mixing religious icons with beautiful colored beads, an imitation of the rosaries of the Catholic Church. Often taking old, out of style jewelry and re-creating a completely different piece, she is currently taking classes to expand her silversmith skills.

Wife, mother of four, and grandmother, Olsen moved to Colorado 16 years ago and fell in love with Colorado Springs, the community festivals, the beautiful mountains, the many outdoor activities, and the wonderful people.


Kim Clark Work

Kim Clark’s Story Stone Collection has been created from a lifelong fascination with the texture and colors of stones. While living in Santa Fe for many years and creating one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, she was inspired to explore the ‘spirited’ properties of gems and stones, and include their story with each design. She invites you to select the pieces with the stories that speak to your heart.

Clark now lives and works in Colorado Springs, finding daily inspiration in the beauty of her surroundings. She continues to challenge herself to create unique and meaningful pieces of jewelry that positively impact those who wear them.


Classified as an arborist artist, Earing works in wood and stone. Having started his career as both an arborist and carver in Colorado Springs he feels he has a good idea of what beauty is. Being surrounded, as a youth, by the Rocky Mountains his desire to create is in hopes of capturing the emotion and motion of life and land.

Thomas Earing Work 2

Earing has traveled, worked, and sold pieces all over the U.S., Panama, and Costa Rica. He performed at his first show in the spring of 2010, and has performed at multiple shows on primarily the west coast since. Working as a commissioned artist since 2001, his carvings show in personal homes and gardens from Canada to the Gulf coast and Buffalo, NY. Earing is currently working and showing on the west side of Colorado Springs.


Tara Gray Work

Modern Maven, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is the creation of interior designer Tara L. Gray. Inspired by her fascination with color and texture, Gray hand crafts custom felt wall flora sculptures, with no two alike. Sizes and color combinations are limitless – bound only by the imagination. Every petal is carefully cut and stitched together to create a garden collage.

Tara Gray Work 1

Gray also works as the department head for the Pikes Peak Community college Interior Design program. She lives in her own inspired space with her husband Luke and daughter Channing. Always keeping creativity a priority, Gray has started a design blog geared towards unique possibilities for nurseries and children’s rooms. You can visit her blog at


Patti Kryzanowski Work 2

Raised on an island in NW Ontario, Kryzanowski was inundated by the natural beauty of the planet, with tall timbers, sheer charcoal cliffs, animal tracks in newly fallen snow, and the night sky alive with stars.

During the cold Northern winters as a child, she was taught to sew and knit. Even back then, she drew inspiration from her surroundings, with familiar colors and textures. She’s constantly revisiting those seasons of exploration in her current day creations.

Patti Kryzanowski Work 1

A Naturalist by heart and a Biologist by trade, Kryzanowski’s designs reflect her connection to the earth. She makes a conscious effort to create responsibly-using natural fibers and up-cycled materials in her work whenever possible. She now creates and resides in her100 year old log cabin in Black Forest, CO.


Altitude is a jewelry company founded by Rachel Rayburn in Winter Park, Colorado, (altitude: 9100 ft.) Altitude’s motto is ‘Altitude defines Attitude’ and Rayburn’s designs, created with hand-hammered silver and semi-precious gemstones, reflect the casual elegance of life high up in the majestic Rocky Mountains.

Much of her inspiration comes from her life in Colorado and the picturesque farmland of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where she grew up. Rayburn’s designs are also shaped by her interest in light and shadow, which evolved while studying art at Ohio University and an early career in photography.

Every piece of Rayburn’s jewelry is handcrafted in the USA.


Doyle Work 2

Doyle Svenby, working with found and fabricated object, beautifully transforms urban materials such as concrete and iron into simultaneously poignant and graceful works of art. Svenby, referred to as a scrap yard genius, enjoys the challenge of creating something beautiful out of discarded objects.

Doyle Work 1

These unique pieces bring a contemporary edge to any home or business and are created on a piece-by-piece basis to perfectly compliment your living area’s form and function. Each piece is an artistic sculpture, alive with whimsy and a story to tell.


Jo Tucker Work

Textile artisan and Colorado native Jo Tucker is the creator of Mountain Mittens. At an early age Tucker’s mother taught her how to knit and sew. The creativity and resourcefulness her mother used in teaching these skills inspired her own…and Mountain Mittens.

Mountain Mittens are designed, hand-cut and hand-stitched by Tucker. Each pair is unique with variant fabrics and accessory details, including vintage buttons. Tucker has a fondness for the surrounding mountains where she lives, and by repurposing wool from other products, Tucker provides an environmentally responsible product that is warm, water resistant, and durable. Great for the cold and snowy Rocky Mountain winters or anywhere it gets ‘cold out there’.

10% of the profits from the sale of Mountain Mittens go to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.