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An Earthen Approach to Gift Wrapping – 12.11.2013

Amidst all the baking, decorating, party planning, caroling, and gift purchasing, for many the icing on the cake is carefully wrapping those gifts, adding beautiful ribbons and bows, and placing them lovingly under the tree for loved ones to excitedly open on Christmas morning. For others, wrapping the gifts is the last thing on the list and they often get thrown whatever gift bags are left over from last year. If you fall into the latter category, this post is for you!

The tradition of wrapping a gift initially began in early China, where paper making began. However, the art of paper making was a well kept secret, and widespread gift wrapping didn’t flourish until the early 19th century. Even then, it was considered an art for the riches; the lower and middle classes did not participate. By the 1920s, however, gift wrapping was made popular in the United States when Hallmark accidentally created the durable, yet easily folded wrapping paper we know today. Tissue paper was used early on, but it was flimsy and often tore before the gift was even given. During the Christmas season of 1917, Hallmark ran out of tissue paper and began selling envelope liners for wrapping use. The plan was a success and began the production of the wrapping paper we use now!

There are so may different ways to wrap a gift; the styles of wrapping paper alone are endless! At EAH, our favorite gift wrapping style is elegant yet earthen. We love the look of natural embellishments such as pinecones and branches of fir mixed with kraft paper and twine. We love natural, subdued colors and mixing different textures. We just love a beautifully wrapped package!

Here are a few of our favorite gift wrapping looks this season.  To see even more, take a look at our gift wrapping Pinterest board! 🙂

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