Our Mission

Welcome to Earthen Artisan House
Nurturing the art of being unique, Earthen Artisan House is an experience for your senses. Allowing you to see, touch, smell, hear, and taste refinement, timeless style, artistic flare, and a love for all things earthen, we make it our mission to provide and sell unique, eclectic as well as affordable home accents, furniture and gifts. Earthen Artisan House wants to captivate you while demonstrating how to create a distinct personal expression. Whether you’re looking for you, your home, or someone special, EAH is a valuable resource for refreshing your environment, reviving your senses, and rejuvenating your personal style. We accomplish this through exceptional customer service, distinguished selection, just pricing and integrity.

Through the DoorStriving to make a difference with these values, it is also with determination that Earthen Artisan House sets and sustains a premise of supporting our local, regional, and national economies and endeavors to reduce our environmental footprint.

With our diverse product mix, you will find options for a variety of decorating styles and items are displayed using lifestyle merchandising, meant to inspire new ideas for customizing your environment. Not sure how to nurture your unique? Let us help! Earthen Artisan House offers in-store and in-home design services to guide you in expressing your one-of-a-kind style. Learn more by visiting our “Design Services” section.

Earthen Artisan House supports local and regional artisans and craftspeople by presenting their quality hand-made goods and original art. Putting America back to work by bringing jobs back to our country is paramount at Earthen Artisan House. With great effort we select vendors that employ and manufacture in the USA to improve our national economy and choose companies and artisans that care for our environment by using reclaimed, recycled, and sustainable resources. Notwithstanding, our global economy is very important. For products not made in the U.S.A., we look for certified fair trade labeling, ethical practices, and healthy importation standards. We also support companies that give back to their communities by helping schools, children, and artisans, bringing value and worth to the timeless skills they live by.

At EAH we are making it our mission to reduce mass manufactured products, by offering one-of-a-kind creations, organic and eco-friendly products, and items that are crafted with quality and timeless style. As proposed in the name of Earthen Artisan House, not only do we provide items produced by artisans, primarily for the home, but we also have an intrinsic connection with earthen elements and items produced from those elements. The primary components of our products are made with the responsible use of wood, clay, stone, minerals, herbs, leather, pelts, metal, fibers, and other organic materials.

Earthen Artisan House is a wonderful resource for vintage and antique finds as well. With environmental concerns and excessive manufacturing overwhelming society, we at Earthen Artisan House nurture our inherent need to revive the old, breathing new life into products created with craftsmanship and purpose. Finding innovative ways to incorporate items from bygone eras lends character and purpose to any environment while restoring history, heritage, and originality.